Although we do all kinds of cleaning in the industry and we are ready for new challenges that we may not be met, the most common tasks that we do are:

» Washing and degreasing of all types of floors

» Washing glass surfaces at all altitudes

» Degreasing and washing for production and other machines

» Vacuuming large areas (halls, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, parking spaces, smaller roads ....)

» All kinds of vacuum suction vacuum cleaner

» General arrangement of halls, warehouses

» All kinds of washing machines with high pressure to either cold or hot water

» Degreasing and washing oil fuel and all other substations

» Washing walls and facade

» Roof structures suction

» Cleaning of buildings after construction

» Complete care (washing, polishing, polishing, impregnation, crystallization) hard and soft flooring (marble, granite, plastic, epoxy, polyurethane, carpet, ...)

» Washing and degreasing of all types of tank

» Cleaning all types of separators