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About us

We were founded in 2004 with headquarters in Pancevo. Shortly after the founding of moving operations center in Novi Sad while the administrative part remains in Pancevo. From the first day industrial cleaning (or cleaning in industry) is our main activity.



Although the industry is dealing with all types of cleaning in the industry and we are ready for the new challenges that may not met, the most common tasks that we do have...



We have the Integral license for collecting and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, and we have also implemented the System of the quality management ISO 9001, the System of Environmental management ISO 14001 and the System of Health and safety at work OHSAS 18001.


Industrial cleaning

Industrial cleaning is a relatively young branch of the modern economy that from year to year recorded very high growth. The reason is that more and more companies are opting for "outsourcing".

It is not realistic to expect from the production workers, warehouse or even cleaner than permanent staff to professionally and efficiently perform the task in the field of industrial cleaning. Industrial cleaning is a very specific branch of economy where near the capacity, equipment, an important role plays the experience and “know how” in the field of equipment and in the selection of appropriate chemistry. “Know how” to solve the problem and then an idea put into practice is sometimes the core of industrial cleaning.

Decision of companies that mainly deal with its primary activity to a cleaner for cosmetic, hygiene, fire or any other reason left to specialized companies engaged in cleaning the greatest merit of the rapid growth of this industry. At the time, we recognized the market need for this line of business for years and actively participate in changing the climate and trends in our market.


U.S. Steel Serbia

Higia Ltd. is reliable and efficient business partner that has demonstrated its consistency, thoroughness, focus, organization and business stability that is based on high technology, well-established procedures and expertise.

- Miroslav Gladović,
Head of OS and IH - U.S. Steel Serbia

Company Higia Ltd. proved to be a stable business partner who knew how to deal with every kind of task we have in front of them set up.

- Zoran Jovičić,
CEO and Chairman of the Board - Mitas
Alymil YU Industry

All expectations are totally booked for the planned job and deadlines for implementation.

- Dragan Relić,
HR manager - Alumil YU Industry a.d.